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Prospect 23 does it better at a fraction of the time and cost

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Why Prospect23?

  • Make name filtering faster, more efficient, more cost effective
  • We find your top names; you spend your time strengthing the relationship
  • Spend the majority of your time & budget on your best names
  • Discover the potential of your name data!

Working with Prospect 23

Our work is underpinned by our name scoring technology,
which allows us analyse large name lists - significantly reducing
the cost of identifying hidden prospects.
We work closely with our clients to find their best names
and accurately gauge their wealth potential.

Drowning in Name Data?

Looking at 000’s of names on your system?
The wealth potential of individuals lost in the crowd?
Engage with Prospect 23!

Drowning in Name Data?
Transfer Your Data

Transfer Your Data

Bring all your data together; we will arrange secure transfer. Ask what questions you have of your data.

Scoring and Reporting

We will analyse your data, score your name list and return a report that identifies and profiles your top names.

Scoring and Reporting
Focused Targeting Campaign

Focused Targeting Campaign

Be it for fundraising, financial services, retail or investment purposes, your best names are now at your finger tips, which allows you spend the majority of your time & money on your top prospects!

Time to Build on
your Existing Relationships

Engage with your top names. Talk to them. Maximise their investment in your organisation.

Time to Build on your 
					Existing Relationships

Looking at an endless list of meaningless names? Discover the top names resting in your database.

Guide to Major Gift Fundraising

Download our White Paper "Gateways to Major Gifts: Using research to secure and maximise major-gifts"

Clients Testimonials

  • "A very worthwhile collaboration”

    Sinéad Hope,

    Fundraising and Development Manager The National Concert Hall
  • “We’re very pleased with the bespoke results which Propect 23 produced for Concern. Project was completed within agreed time frame and on budget and gave us a great platform to enhance our major donor fundraising eforts in a more targeted way.”

    Liz Yeates,

    Director - Fundraising Ireland
  • "An extremely worthwhile exercise.”

    Janet Keating,

    Major Gifts Manager, Children's Medical & Research Foundation
  • "We highly recommend them”

    Tim Hurley

    Major Donor Fundraising Manager, Barretstown
  • "Provided a very efficient research service"

    Colm Dolan

    Manager – Major Donor Fundraising Concern Worldwide

Our Team

Working with Prospect 23 leverages our extensive wealth screening,
database analysis, name scoring and prospect identification experience.

Rob Foley

Rob Foley

Prospect & Lead Intelligence

Rob oversees the co-ordination of prospect research and wealth screening functions. He has worked has worked on campaigns seeking a combined total of more than €0.25 billion of philanthropic support. Holds a B.Comm. and a M.Sc. (Research) from University College, Cork.

Brian English

Brian English

Technology Development

Also a managing director of Robiac, network management software developers, Brian has held a number of senior management roles with companies such as Logitech, Apple Computers, Amdahl and Hasbro.
Holds a B.Eng. and a M.Eng from University College, Dublin.

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What do I need to know about my data protection?

Source data is passed to Prospect23 via a secure upload process. All explicit reference to the customer is replaced by record index numbers. Source files are destroyed at this point and, at project end, all working files relating to the project are destroyed. We do not use project specific information for any purpose outside the express demands of our clients.

How much it will cost and how long it will take?

We charge an initial set-up fee to cover the cost of data formatting and screening and then a fee-per-prospect we deliver thereafter (research, categorisation and reporting). Typical project turnaround is 4-6 weeks.

Ok, we wish to proceed with data screening. What are the next steps?

Ready your data for analysis; clean & structure the data as much as possible (prior to data transfer, we will agree the fields of information that are relevant). Once we receive the data (we handle data in any format) and an agreed deposit, your data is queued for processing.

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